Transport for All

Зображення користувача Oleg.
Автор: Oleg+34 / Дата: 21.09.2010 10:38 /

Transport for All

We all know that the bus stops there is always a road sign indicating the stop itself. Below the sign is usually a plaque with information about the beginning and end of movement routes through this stop, and intervals of motion.

Recently, some trolleybus stops, according to the program of the City Council City of Vinnitsa - convenient for all, additional plaques. They are written timetable of low-floor trolley buses (type SitiLAZ), which are convenient for people with disabilities. This will allow this population accurately plan your schedule, and be at the stop konktretno for the arrival of the trolley.

Recall that in our town there are 5 low-floor trolleybuses. And the schedule saves the waiting time of these machines.
Just want to note that the bus fleet VTTU consists entirely of low-floor vehicles.

Thus the city government together with VTTU care for the convenience of citizens with disabilities when using the services of public transport. We hope that this step will not be forgotten.