Issue number 100

Зображення користувача Oleg.
Автор: Oleg+33 / Дата: 23.07.2010 10:03 /

Issue number 100

Under this number came out in July 2010 another edition of the newspaper of municipal enterprise "Vinnytsia Tram-Trolleybus Administration". And they call this newspaper ELEKTROTRANSPORTNIK. For many years, this periodical is a platform of transparency workforce TTU, the chronicler of his life.

In the primary sources of the newspaper was then Chief of TTU Voloshin AV - just when it came out the first three issues. Later Music AF restored the production of the periodical. With his characteristic frankness, Alexander Fedorovich communicated with the labor collective, rassakazyval on achievements, not hiding the problem. When it "Elektrotransportnik" from 2-way speaker, a 4-way, and was considered one of the best newspapers of the industry.

In many ways, the newspaper must thank and current Chief VTTU Bugaychuka VI Even in today's difficult economic conditions, Vladimir finds a means to release the next room.

Newspaper "Elektrotransportnik" not only highlights and embodies the line management of the enterprise, aimed at the development of electric transport in Vinnitsa, and also tells about the everyday work of labor services and departments about the holidays and other events that occur in the life of all generations of the family friendly MP VTTU.

We also congratulate the newspaper, its editor Shevchenko VF and collective VTTU this small anniversary, and we hope that each number "Elektrotransportnik will become increasingly content-rich, meaningful, and many years will please his readers the good news.