Transport for all

Зображення користувача Oleg.
Автор: Oleg+33 / Дата: 09.07.2010 23:16 /

Transport for all.

In our city at stops Electric markings appear yellow, which marked the border stop, and mark "people with disabilities.

It is aimed at a more convenient and safe use of public transport by people with disabilities.

Special markings, as one of the events citywide program Vinnytsya City - convenient for all. " First, counting appeared near the sound of traffic lights, and later became appearing at other stops.
Special markings will create additional facilities for people with disabilities who use public transport.

With all the drivers and trolley buses given instruction, according to which they must stop the vehicle in the area of special road markings, what would people with visual impairments or other disabilities can easily get into the salon.