News about the airport

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News about the airport

August 25 in Vinnitsa Regional State Administration and Vinnitsa City Council held talks with a delegation from the Polish city of Lodz on opening new flight "Vinnitsa - Lodz. In a constant air service interested in both sides, so the meeting became known that plane to get from winery to Poland will be possible in October this year.

Flight "Vinnitsa - Lodz" will be the first regular charter flights, which will be from Vinnitsa Airport. According to preliminary calculations the cost of the ticket will be 870 USD. Passengers and Polish cargo aircraft for 46 seats will be carried twice a week. Consul General of Poland in the winery Krzysztof Sviderek reported that vinnichane that will use new flight will be served in a special VIP-box if full documentation.

Use the new chartered flight will not only citizens who want to visit Poland. Will this possibility and travelers who plan to visit other countries in the Schengen space. In this way it will be possible to save significant time on the movement of European countries. And money spent on flights will not be significantly different from the cost of tickets for terrestrial modes of transport, particularly on railway transportation.

Vinnytsya Mayor Volodymyr Groisman believes that such cooperation with the Polish side is very positive and successful for business and for most people the winery and surrounding areas. "We want our residents do not just fly in and use our flights safe, comfortable and spend a minimum of funds. The new additional service air service, which will have access vinnichane provides all these opportunities, "- says Mayor of Vinnytsia.

Discuss terms of cooperation for continuous flight to the winery came vice president of Lodz Marcin Bugajski, Vice President Airport Lodz Rafal Mozhdzhen, advisor Administration Airport Lodz Peter Binder and marketing director of the airport in Lodz Ireneusz Dylchyk. The delegation arrived at the invitation of the Consul General of Poland Krzysztof Sviderek in the winery. Foreign guests told us that the partners in this regard, they searched among the cities that have long-standing friendly relations with Poland. It was such a city is Kiev. Moreover, Podolsky capital also has a geographical position - it is located almost in the center of Ukraine. Approximately the same location in Poland and Lodz takes.

Vice President of Lodz Marcin Bugajski pointed out that this joint project will be another proof of friendly relations between the winery and Polish cities. "We opened a new air route in an easterly direction is of strategic importance - says Marcin Bugajski. - We consider the winery and as a partner in other areas of cooperation. "

Every year in the Polish city of Lodz drawn increasing attention on the development of transport communications, which is at the expense of investment. Only to build the airport allocated 110 million euros. Apart from powerful airport will improve high-speed railway and construction of one of the largest railway station in Poland. In this next year will be sent to 5 million euros. Today, in order to get from Lodz to Warsaw to spend a half hour. Through implementation of the above draft plan is to reduce to less than an hour. With a powerful modern airport and rail connections can be a powerful Lodz center passenger, which positively affect the dynamic development of the city.

Every year the number of flights at the airport in Lodz increases. This year they filled with air and Vinnitsa. Airport management took this decision not because of economic interest - the very foundation of zero return on the flight, the main objective - development of transport communications, and thus bringing to the country as many foreign tourists.

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