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Автор: Oleg+32 / Дата: 27.09.2010 16:19 /

Since July 16, in the neighborhood "Farm Shevchenko" in the zone of industrial and residential development is being fully renovated shingle street. The total length of the street is more than two miles. Project overhaul said the arrangement provided for street pavement, Asphalting conventions, repair of pavement total area of nearly 22 thousand square meters and more. Estimated cost of work is more than 11.6 million.

Today the work performed in major intersections, repair shingle - Lypovets'ka, shingle - Tsymlyanskaya, shingle - Mark Vovchka, shingle - shingle and engineering Lyceum - "Truck Vinnitsa. Moreover, fixed asphalt coating to the street. Tsymlyans'ka and the "Truck winery. Also, in accordance with the requirements of Traffic Safety, provided the installation of road signs and markings.

The project, located at shingle also are working on planting and restoration of lawns and landscaping of a metal fence. There have also been clearing drainage ditches to help solve the problem of wastewater from the street and surrounding area. The next step is construction of exterior lighting with new energy-saving lamps.

"In this neighborhood of the city roads were virtually absent. Because this issue was quite topical and the inhabitants, and for manufacturers who work here. Earlier, lorries went through the whole farm Shevchenko (because no other way to transport goods simply were not), and this brought a lot of inconvenience - says Mayor Vladimir Groisman. - Freight transport by farm Shevchenko will not travel more, because there is a new road, and then to develop other areas, people had to live here comfortably. So today a new page of the neighborhood. Still some issues but we will solve them gradually.

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